Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 New Milostones! No, Make That 3!!

"Mama, Look"!
It clicked, he finally got it. It's like turning on a light switch when he gains a new skill. He has figured out talking. "Mama, Look"! Those are the words I heard clear as a bell from the backseat of the car a few weeks ago.

He saw a playground and wanted to stop and play, unfortunately it was a daycare so we couldn't stop. He tries to say most words now and is successful at many of them. Of course it's like any kiddo learning to talk, maybe only a few people really understand but he is getting better by the day. His sign language vocabulary has increased too. If he won't attempt to say a word he will sign it & sometimes he signs and talks which really is a big help. The other day I asked his speech therapist if she knew the sign for pillow, she didn't and couldn't find it in her big reference book either. The next day I remembered to look it up on the computer and did the sign once while I though Milo was playing in his room. He obviously saw me because yesterday he was signing pillow as he carried a pillow around the house all day. Oh, did you see the lollipop in the pictures above? Occasionally he will put new food type things in his mouth! The lollipop didn't last long for any one attempt but he went and found where he left it a couple of times that day. He will now eat crunchy rice crackers too. I think he ate half a package today. Then there is the good old standby, shredded cheese. Talking and eating...2 very important milostones.
1st Decanaversary
Last Friday, July 23 marked one year without a trach! It's been an interesting year and not without it's bumps in the road. I am happy to report though that Milo had his 4th bronch in 5 months about 10 days ago and magically all the offending scar tissue has disappeared! I think Dr. K was just as surprised as I was. Well surprised might not be the right word, anything is possible with Milo and we both know that but we definitely were not expecting that good of an outcome. We are back to the "call me if you need me" status with Dr. K, now that I know what "needing her" looks like I am confident with that directive. Now we are on to conquer more pressing developmental issues...more info to come on that topic!