Treatment #1   2/28/2011    Egg Mix ~~  Within a week of this treatment Milo's breathing became totally silent.  His breathing hasn't EVER been this quiet.  His skin was clear and almost soft to the touch, not the sandpaper eczema feeling that it normally is.

Treatment #2   3/7/2011      Milk/Dairy  ~~ His breathing continues to be quiet!  He did scratch more this week but no more than normal

Treatment #3   3/15/2011    Sugar  ~~ He was cranky and uncooperative this week and he did seem even more itchy although I saw no real rash.  He especially itches when he is mad or angry.

Treatment #4   3/21/2011    Balanced Liver; Vitamin B Complex  ~~ The week following this treatment was rough.  His eczema flared up really bad, I hadn't seen it this bad in about 2.5 years.  He was crabby & itched constantly.  I finally broke down and put some heavy duty steroid cream on his tummy and back to give his some relief.  His cheeks had a more typical eczema rash on them, not the big red spots that he has always develop when his eczema flairs.  Miss R said that sometimes these treatments "stir stuff up" and she wasn't overly concerned especially since it seemed to be lessening by the next appointment.

Treatment #5   3/29/2011    Vitamin C Mix ~~ This week was much easier on Milo.  Not nearly as much itching!  He did have 2 spots on his chin that were red and looked chapped.  I figure it could have been a treatment reaction or just chapped skin from all the wind.  By the day before his next appointment the spots were much less visable.

Treatment #6   4/5/2011  Mineral Mix ~~  This treatment was very interesting because he broke out in eczema in the folds of his elbows almost immediately.  Poor guy was horribly itchy.  That evening when putting on his jammies I noticed the backs of his knees were broken out too.  Both areas are classic eczema spots.  The itchiness and rash lessened within 24 hours without intervention.  His breathing is still mostly quiet but his lungs sound icky if you listen with a stethoscope.  He had a great week at school, no fussing when I left and happy and ready to go when I picked him up.

Treatment #7  4/11/2011  Grain Mix ~~  His elbow/knee rash popped up again but 3-4 days later is was much better but never really went away.  His head seemed itchy too.  The weekend before his next treatment his cheeks turned bright red presumably from an allergy to attack to dog hair.  They were so red he looked like he had a sunburn.

Treatment #8  4/25/2011  Corn Mix ~~  Within 24 hours his elbow/knee rash was gone and his skin has an all around better look & feel to it, except his cheeks.  His cheeks continue to be red although seem to be less red in the mornings.  His overall "itchyness" is much less.  Milo had a bad allergic reaction to cat hair over the weekend, he had bright red, itchy hives from head to toe, luckily Benedryl took care of it.

Treatment #9  5/3/2011  Anesthesia ~~  She decided to check his sensitivity to anesthesia because Milo's breathing has been loud since his MRI a few weeks ago & sure enough he has a sensitivity.  Over the week his breathing noises changed from sounding loud all the way down in his lungs to just rattling around in his airway.   The weather has been getting warmer and Milo's eczema has been popping out a bit more too, especially behind the knees and the elbows.

Treatment #10  5/9/2011  Soybean Mix ~~  During the week Milo's breathing once again became quiet (yeah!) and his eczema diminished (double yeah!)  He is still itchy but not as rashy, the backs of his knees are still a problem spot & he developed some eczema on his eyelid but went away pretty easily with moisturizing.

Treatment #11  5/17/2011  Bactrum ~~

Treatment #12  5/24/11  Vegetable Oil ~~

Treatment #13  5/31/2011  Glutamine, Amines, Salicylate ~~

Treatment #14  6/7/2011  Steroids ~~

Treatment #15  6/14/2011  Stomach Acid ~~  Because Milo has reflux and is on Prevacid to control it, she tested Milo for a sensitivity to stomach acid and sure enough he proved sensitive to it.  She said that many times people with reflux do not have enough stomach acid rather than too much and treating him would balance things back out.  Well, Milo hasn't had the Prevacid since the evening of 6/14 and has not had ANY wretching at all which is why he was put on it several years ago.  YEA!  Unfortunately his eczema is horrible this week, it's getting warmer and Milo is getting itchier and rashier, boo.

Treatment #16  6/21/2011  Artificial Colors, Flavors & Preservatives ~~  Milo's eczema improved tremendously this week!  Behind his knees had been horribly red and almost raw for weeks and he had developed a rash on his thighs and sometimes his chest but it has almost completely disappeared.  So glad, maybe his skin can finally heal all the scratches he has inflicted upon himself!  During this week it has become apparent that he also has a grass allergy so that will be treated for soon.  He did wake up with a rash on the morning of his next treatment.  The accupuncturist said it is his next allergy coming out, sure hope we find them all soon so this kid can get a break.

Treatment #17  6/28/2011  Heat ~~  At his previous appointment we discussed how Milo's eczema gets much worse in the summer heat.  When he was a baby in the hospital if you put him in fleece PJ's he would end up with a rash the next morning (presumably from being too hot), if he gets in a hot bath, he will turn red and he hates even warm baths SO she decided to test & treat him for heat, yup he had a sensitivity to heat.  Of course it had to be the hottest day of the year and Milo had to avoid heat for 25 hours, thank goodness for air conditioning.  He took not being able to play outside very well.  His rash is all but gone and he only had a bit if itchyness left, his skin looks great!

Treatment #18  6/30/2011  Grass ~~  Again not an easy one to treat in the summer!  Milo would itch after sitting in the grass or walking barefoot so she treated him for grass just before we left for our 4th of July vacation.  It seemed to have worked pretty well, he doesn't itch after being on the grass and the patches of eczema that had developed on the top of his feet have all but disappeared.

Treatment #19  7/12/2011  Mold ~~Milo developed a rash from his waist to to his knees that seemed to be very itchy.  He had been getting into his kiddie pool nearly every day and the rash seemed to be where his swimsuit/undies/shorts would rub when wet.  She tested him for a bunch of things and it turns out that he needed to be treated for mold, specifically in his clothes.  I know sounds weird!  Of course it has been raining cats & dogs and rain and mold go hand in hand so another hard thing to avoid for 25 hours but it seems to have been successful because that rash is gone :0)

Treatment #20  7/18/2011  Salt (sodium & chlorides)  ~~

Treatment #21  7/27/2011  Chicken ~~

Treatment #22  9/1/2011  Weeds ~~

Treatment #23  9/5/2011  Chemicals ~~

Treatment #24  9/??/2011  Betacarotene  ~~

Treatment #25  9/19/2011  Blended Diet Mix ~~

Treatment # 26  9/26/2011 Anger & Frustration ~~

Treatment #27  10/3/2011  Cat ~~

Treatment #28  10/11/2011  Wheat + Brain 1 ~~

Treatment #29  10/17/2011  Pear, Apple & Pectin ~~

11/15/2011  Fat Metabolism (Lipase)

11/30/2011  Dog

12/6/2011  Tomato

12/13/2011  Amino Acids

12/20/2011  Wheat + Cold ~~

2/2/12  Candida (Yeast)

2/13/12  Eczema + Heat

2/22/12  Sugar + Eczema

We continued with NAET treatments 1-2 times a month through July 2013.  I lost track of exactly what and when different things were treated for.  His eczema would get better and worse but never completely went away.  Interestingly when we stopped going due to school schedules, etc his eczema became much worse.  In October 2013 Milo participated in the Day Program at National Jewish Health where his eczema was greatly diminished and his skin is starting to completely heal.  He has blood and skin allergy tests.  We found out he is no longer allergic to oats and soy.  We thought wheat was fine as well but after a few days he had a very strong reaction to pasta so he is avoiding that again for now.  In addition it was confirmed that he is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, cottonwood trees, and sagebrush.  He did not have NAET treatments for any of these things.  When time and finances allow we may return for a few more treatments.