Thursday, April 28, 2011

Allergy Treatment (NAET) Update

Milo has now had 8 treatments!  In the eczema department I'd say it is overall improved but he definitely still has his fair share of outbreaks.  This spring seems to be especially hard on him so I am thinking he may have some environmental allergies (pollen) as well.  He has been treated for all his diagnosed food allergies except for soy but there are more foods I suspected he had a sensitivity to as well.  He is still itchy off and on, he has eaten a goldfish cracker and a Fruit Loop without any huge reactions (he's such a sneak) but I'm not encouraging him to eat those type items yet :0)  Just the fact that he wants to is encouraging to me, before he was never interested in such items.  I've created a page that I'm documenting each treatment and how the following week goes, just click on the NAET tab just under the Milostones banner.  The end of March Milo also saw his MD allergist.  We hadn't seen him for about 2 years but he did repeat the blood tests earlier this year (before NAET started) and we were able to get the results.  Overall his numbers looked better, still high but not nearly as bad.  This summer we will go to National Jewish for a food challenge to oats to see if he is safe to eat them.  He has passed the oat NAET treatment so that coupled with the lower numbers on the blood test I hope to add that back into his diet.

The most exciting thing has been a positive change in Milo's behavior.  Now I can't say for sure that NAET treatments are definitely responsible but the coincidence is too much to ignore.  NAET is an energy balancing procedure so it is possible he just feels better all around.  For the most part he is calmer, more cooperative and generally a bit happier.  Now don't get me wrong he still has his moments and certain things still set him off but I definitely see an improvement.  Christmas was a nightmare, he was not happy the whole time we were in Alamosa.  His favorite phrase was "go home..." We were also there in February and after 24 hours he was crabby and "wanted to go home".  Fast forward only 2 months and 8 NAET treatments...Easter weekend...I was bracing for a crabby, uncooperative kiddo.  Amazingly he only had about 2 meltdowns and those weren't even all that bad.  He participated in an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and although it started out with a tantrum he eventually caught on and enjoyed himself, in fact, we had to drag him away from the host's house.   He sat through a whole church service (ok, so he slept through half of it) however he was not excited about sitting down for dinner with the other 24 people at my Aunt's house for Easter dinner.  I never once heard "go home" and when we did leave he wasn't really ready although he didn't resist.  AMAZING!  His teacher at preschool has said that the last 2 weeks in particular have been great.

So while I can not say for sure that the allergy treatment are absolutely working just yet you can bet I will continue to take him for more!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

April 1st is a very significant day in our lives.  On April 1st 2007 Milo was flown Flight For Life to Children's Hospital in Denver (for the second time) and in a matter of weeks ended up with his trach and ventilator.  I was not impressed with his April Fool's Day antics!
April 1, 2007 at The Children's Hospital

And one year later on April 1st 2008 Milo was finally able to COME HOME after 365 continuous days in the hospital.  pril Fools Day 2008 did start out with a little prank, but it was for his nurse :0)  The night nurse left his old broviac in his crib with him (it had been repaired the day before) for his day nurse to discover in the morning.  It did make her heart skip a beat!

Proudly displaying his "old" brovic parts
By lunch time we had finally left the hospital.  It was a bitter sweet moment, we made some wonderful friends during the past year.  There was a whirlwind of activity at our house that day but Milo did wondful and we were on our way to start the next adventure.

Napping in his very own crib for the first time!

So I am perfectly fine with April Fool's Day being a nice calm day with no big hoopla, good or bad. Knowing my onrey guy it's only a matter of a few years before April Fool's day pranks begin but this time just pranks please, ok Milo?!

March 31, 2011