Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

Milo and his cousins wish everyone a very
happy & healthy New Year!

Brett (10), Milo (5), Dylan (7) & Owen (5)

   Milo's Top 10 moments from 2011

No unplanned hospital admissions this year!  Milo had a heart cath and pulmonary artery stint placed and stayed one night in the hospital & that's it for all of 2011.

Milo is eating more food.  He still won't eat fruit & veggies at all so he gets those through his g-tube once a day.

No more diapers or pull-ups for Milo.  He's a big guy who can independently use the potty now.

For the first time Milo went swimming this summer and LOVES it.  He has a floaty vest and can float and maneuver all over.

This is the frist year Milo went Trick-or-Treating house to house and went with his cousins in Alamosa.

Santa wasn't so scary this year!  Milo was totally into Christmas for the first year.  Opening presents was so fun.

Milo rode 3 trains this year, Thomas the Tank Engine, Halloween train in Alamosa and the Santa Express in Canon City.

Milo turned 5 years old!  His friends from school as well as other friends and family helped him celebrate.

On Milo's actual birthday I took him to The Lion King musical.  Even though it was loud and long he enjoyed it.

Milo's favorite thing from 2011 was playing with all his friends and family.  We made it to Alamosa several times and he LOVES to jump on Grandma & Grandpas trampoline with his cousins :0)