Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eczema Top 15

15 Reasons Why I Despise Eczema:
In no particular order
1.  My kid is miserable
2.  The constant itch
3.  Sleepless nights; some night he wakes up itching and is sleep deprived
4.  Constant supervision so he doesn't scratch until he bleeds
5.  The rude looks and comments
6.  Less than helpful advice from others, some well intentioned, some not so much
7.  Wet pajamas at bed time (also know at wet wrapping)
8.  Prescription ointments
9.  Ruined clothes (his and mine) and bedding from oily ointment stains
10.  Bloody sheets from night time scratching
11.  Chasing "miracle" ointments, lotions, vitamins and supplements, diets, etc.
12.  Costco size bottles of Benedryl & Tylenol
13.  Countless trips to the school nurse for more lotion
14.  Long sleeves and long pants year round
15.  Bath water stings his eczema skin

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