Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Grade

It's hard to believe that Milo is already in First Grade!
I was honestly dreading the school year.  Kindergarten was difficult.
We didn't find out who his teacher would be until the day before school started.  Ugh, no time to prepare her for Milo or Milo for her.  I wrote down some quick "Milo Tips" and handed them to her when we met.
I dreaded the first day, the crying, the not listening....
He walked right in with his class, no problem. 
He had a great day. 
He had a great week. 
He had 2 good weeks.
  We went to Back to School Night, his teacher talked about how well he listened, and focused, and did his work and rarely threw a fit and if he did it was tiny. 
Wait, are you sure we are talking about my child? 
His teacher is great.
She is calm, quiet, and kind yet firm.
 Her classroom is organized and visually pleasing. 
 He has an assigned coat hook and desk, he likes consistency...
...and organization.
 I'm sure that helps him. 
The next day, "we are having to schedule his bathroom breaks so he can be supervised, he wanders the halls, is that OK with you?" 
Ahhh, there's my kid. 
 "Sure sounds very reasonable"
He took school pictures this year, goofy grin and all.
Glad I only bought a few.
He refused last year.
He's hungry when he gets home.
He eats all of his lunch at school. 
No reports of lunchroom antics this year.
He missed several days for his surgery plus the holiday vacations ran together. 
 Crying and refusal to go to school for 3 days. 
 "He's having a hard time transitioning in the mornings" 
 Yup, that's my kid....
Luckily he has returned back to the kid willingly walking into school
and exclaiming "I had the best day ever!"
when he walks out of the building.
I expect there to be hard days but am relishing in the good days!

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