Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer Wrap-Up

Summer 2013 was busy, busy, busy!  We had so much fun with family.  They visited us, we visited them.  I didn't have much time to update the blog this summer.  Oh yeah, my computer died too, that didn't help any.  My camera phone started to act up so I didn't get as many pictures as normal either.

Here's a recap of our summer!


Dylan came with Grandma for a fun filled week. 

We went to Ceramics in the City.  Dylan painted dolphins and Milo painted a cow penny bank.

We went to Build-A-Bear, Panera Bread (or Panana Bread as Milo calls it) to eat lunch & Chuck E. Cheese to play.

We saw Monster's University on opening day and had dinner at Casa Bonita.

When my backyard exploding paint art project failed, we just painted with brushes, hands & feet.

And we can't forget Water World!


We went to Alamosa for the 4th of July.  We saw the parade and had a big BBQ with our family.  Unfortunately due to all the wildfires, there were no fireworks this year.  Just some poppers that were pretty fun.
Milo had some tree climbing fun.  That boy is a monkey!

                                                                      A pile of cousins!

Alisha came back with us.  We stopped in Pueblo and visited the zoo.

 I had never been to the Pueblo Zoo before.  It's a nice little zoo and was a great break in the trip.  I had hoped to go to the Royal Gorge on the way back, but it burned down in a wildfire just a few weeks before.

We ended up back in Alamosa just a week later for my grandpa's funeral.

My brother and his kids came for a fun weekend.  We went to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Keensburg.

Lions, Tigers & (Grizzly) Bears, Oh My!
 We got caught in a huge rain storm, luckily we were in an enormous tent at the end of the walkway.  The animals were more active after the storm because the temperature cooled off. 
The ground was completely dry before the storm.
 So many good pictures, maybe I'll have to do a post later about this wonderful place.
It was then Brett's week to stay for some fun. My camera had an issue so we didn't get any pictures :(
We went to Boondocks, Dave & Buster's, saw a movie, went to a trampoline center and did a little shopping.  And, of course, Water World!

Just before school started again we ventured down to Colorado Springs.  I took advantage of a photography special by Ashley Photography and had Milo's pictures taken.  They turned out wonderfully.

These photographs are copyrighted, do not print or download or use for any other reason with out written consent.  Thanks!

 After that we headed to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  We fed the giraffes and an elephant named Lucky. 

They have a great new African animal exhibit with some wonderful statues to play with.

My brother Chad got married the very last day of August.  The wedding was a small family affair in the mountains.  It was a beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous setting.  I gained a wonderful sister-in-law and an adorable 4 year old niece!

September is shaping up to be a busy fun month too, details to come!

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